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Download Jet Li: Rise to Honor for PS2 ISO

Download Jet Li: Rise to Honor for PS2 ISO
Game Information 
Publisher :Sony Computer Entertainment
Genre :Action | Adventure | Fighting
Version :USA
Available On :PS2
Size :2.8GB
Format :ISO
Players :1
Release Date :18 feb 2004
How To Instal Games : PS2 OPL
Description / About This Game :Jet Li's Rise to Honor is a Hong Kong-style story of family tragedy and redemption. But don't let the heavy storyline get you down! Filled with awesome action and devastating martial arts, Rise to Honor will have you rising in your seat as you deal out your vengeance. As Kit, a faithful student who wants to honor his master Chiang's dying wish, you find yourself embroiled in a Hong Kong underworld linked to your master Chiang's daughter. Battle through 10 intense levels in Hong Kong and San Francisco. Pull off stunning combos and counter moves in Rise to Honor's unique 360 degree martial arts fighting system. In your search for peace, you will learn that honor comes at the highest price.
Preview / Gameplay :

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