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Download Conflict - Desert Storm II PS2 ISO

Conflict - Desert Storm II PS2 ISO
Game Information 
Publisher :Gotham Games
Genre :Action | Shooter
Version :Eur
Available On :PS2
Size :2.3GB
Format :ISO
Players :1
Release Date :9 Okt 2003
How To Instal Games : PS2 OPL
Description / About This Game :Part 2 in the series, Back to Baghdad is a squad-based shooter that picks up right where the first Desert Storm left off. John Bradley, Paul Foley, Mick Connors, and David Jones are back once again to team up and once again take on Saddam's henchmen. Whether it's protecting friendly choppers from enemy fire, the burning oil fields, Iraq's chemical weapons program, or secret superguns, there was apparently enough unfinished business left to serve as the basis for a second game. For the sequel, the developers improved on the team-mate AI and game UI, but the biggest attraction is once again the split-screen co-operative multiplayer for two.
Preview / Gameplay :

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  1. selain game bola, suka banget sama game pertempuran gini...ijin sedot ya

  2. Salam kenal dan sukses selalu mas


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